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What is the Arizona Cup?

An annual outdoor target archery tournament held in April complying with FITA and USA Archery rules. It began in 1989 in Tempe at Arizona State University, moved to Tucson and returned to Phoenix, Arizona in 2001. The Arizona Cup is celebrating its 22nd anniversary in 2011. The 2011 AAE Arizona Cup is a USAT Qualifier and  a FITA World Archery Ranking Tournament. 

Title Sponsor is Arizona Archery Enterprises, AAE.

Who can compete?

Any USA Archery (USAA) member, National Field Archery Association (NFAA) member or a member of any FITA Member Association.  A country may have an unlimited number of archers in the qualification or individual elimination rounds. To earn USAT ranking, membership in USAA is required. World Records can be achieved by FITA recognized members.

See this link for a FITA list of member associations:


 What teams can compete?

The Arizona Cup is a unique tournament holding an Open Team round as well as the National Team and Mixed National Team round. Any registered archer may compete in the Qualification round and the Individual Elimination Rounds. (There is usually a cut to the top 64 in each category and to the top 16 teams) (Note: only archers shooting Adult distances are eligible for Individual Elimination and Team Rounds)

Any registered archer (shooting Adult distances in the Qual Round) at the tournament can join an Open Team and compete in the Open Team Round. Open Teams can be collegiate teams, corporate teams, or any 3 same gender archers shooting the same bow type. No open mixed teams.

The National Team round is a competition for 3 archer teams representing their country. The FITA Member Association may designate those archers at the Team Meeting and only one team per category from each country. Team members must shoot Adult distances in the Qualification Round.

A mixed team is the country's top Recurve man and woman or top Compound man and woman from the qualification round. There are no open mixed teams.

My country is not sending a team, can I still compete?

Yes, this is an open tournament and you can register directly with the tournament.

What ROUNDS are offered?

Qualification Round for:

Recurve Men
Recurve Women
Compound Men
Compound Women
Junior Recurve Men (born in 1991 or later)
Junior Recurve Women (born in 1991 or later)
Junior Compound Men (born in 1991 or later)
Junior Compound Women (born in 1991 or later)
Cadet Compound Men (born in 1994 or later)
Cadet Compound Women (born in 1994 or later)

Qualification Round Only

Cadet Recurve Men (born in 1994 or later)
Cadet Recurve Women (born in 1994 or later)

Open Team, National Team and National Mixed Team and Individual Elimination Rounds for:

Recurve Men (Junior Men will be combined with Adults for ranking)
Recurve Women (Junior Women will be combined with Adults for ranking)
Compound Men (Junior Men and Cadet Men will be combined with Adults for ranking)
Compound Women (Junior Women and Cadet Women will be combined with Adults for ranking)

Are there separate classes (age/gender)?

Men and Women shoot in different classes.

Recurve Qualification Rounds will be a FITA round in 2011. Recurve Team and Elimination Rounds are at 70m.  All Qualification ends are 6 arrows.

Compound Qualfication,Team Rounds, and Compound Elimination Rounds will all be shot at 50m on the 6 ring - 80cm individual target face. All Qualificaiton ends are 6 arrows.

Recurve Juniors, Compound Juniors and Compound Cadets will be ranked together with the Adults for Team and Elimination Rounds.

Recurve Cadets will not be eligible for the Team or Elimination Rounds as they did not qualify at Adult distances. Cadets may shoot up to the Junior or Adult category, if they wish.

Are there equipment or dress code rules?

Yes, equipment and dress code must comply with USAA and FITA rules including footwear.

USAA Dress Code

FITA Rule Books

Is there day of tournament registration?

No, all archers must register and pay in advance to reserve a shooting spot. Space is limited to the capacity of the field.

How can I register?

Go to the Registration page more information.

More questions? Email    info@arizonacup.com